3D Printed Lithophane Lamp

We recorded a timelapse of a 3D printed customized lithophane lamp. Initially, we plan to upload the video in this website, however, the current setting of this website is limited only to photos. Even though we cannot upload videos here, we can at least embed videos from other websites. To do that, we plan to upload the video in a Youtube Channel to view, embed here and share. Now, first of all, we need to create a Youtube Channel for that. Then, upload the video, embed it here, and share. (I thought this is a simple, easy task. I was wrong as always. -Wenzel) Looking forward to upload the video soon to keep our monkey mind busy.

Later, or soon, we will upload timelapse video of 3D prints.

Oath Taking Ceremony of New Officers of Association of Filipino Students in Japan

Ambassador Laurel (3rd from left) with the 2022 – 2023 Executive Committee Officers of the Association of Filipino Students in Japan (AFSJ). (Reference: Phil. Embassy in Japan)

Ambassador Laurel (3rd from left) led the Oath Taking Ceremony of the 2022 – 2023 Executive Committee Officers of the Association of Filipino Students in Japan – AFSJ at Siazon Hall, Philippine Embassy in Japan – Tokyo on 25th May 2022 (Reference: Phil. Embassy in Japan). Jose Maria Geda (4th from left) attended as the Vice President for Internal Affairs of AFSJ.

Each officer got a piece of this manga about the Philippine National Hero, Dr. José Rizal. (Illustration art by Ryo Konno and Story by Takahiro Matsui)

References: The Philippine Embassy in Japan Website Link (click here) and Facebook Link (click here)

Fiesta Filipinas by Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Fiesta Filipinas is an online celebration to promote culture, and tradition of the Philippines to worldwide audience. When we can travel again soon, we want to invite people to experience food, nature, beaches, and other fun adventures available only in the Philippines. This event is organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The virtual celebration (Online Fiesta!) is truly one unique experience because they sent out packages to people all over the world so that participants of the online event can taste, touch, hear, smell and enjoy the unique culture of the Philippines. This is one strategic way to create excitement and really look forward to the time when we can travel again. But for the meantime, the combination of virtual tour, Fiesta Filipinas Kit, and auditory experience were really engaging and made me feel like I was there.

To watch the Youtube Live Event Click Here: Fiesta Filipinas: Lami-Lamihan Festival – YouTube

I would like to thank the Embassy of the Philippines in Japan and Association of Filipino Students in Japan for sending me the Fiesta Filipinas Kit and for letting me experience some goodies from home.

Fiesta Filipinas Kit

Making Embroidered Card

Written by: Wenzel Andaya

Guide in Making a Report for Overthinker

  • Step 1. State the title or purpose of the report.
  • Step 2. Make an outline or structure of the report contents.
  • Step 3. Focus on writing one part of the outline. Focus on just one part where you would like to start. It’s logical to start with the first part, but it depends on how complicated it can be. But again, focus on writing that one part. Start writing the first sentence. Don’t focus on the entire report. DON’T DO IT. Just focus on this little tiny part of the report. Then, step by step, little by little, move. Move! Don’t overthink. Write. Write something. Type something, write even if it’s not good, even if it doesn’t make sense. Write and revise later. Start now—close this browser. Go. Bye!

Written by: Wenzel Andaya

How do you spend your weekend?

Before, the weekend meant going home. Now, it means reading time.

The community quarantine forces me to stay in my room near my workplace. Typically, I always go home during the weekend. Now that I have so much free time alone at my expense, I can use this time to read some books.

There’s a bad side to too much reading. You’ll be open to so many ideas and may come to the point that you’re tired of it. Some of the ideas are too much for me to take, and some are so powerful that I regret knowing about them. Sometimes, I hope I read some of the content earlier, so I save some time and stress figuring out the solutions by myself. You’ll be bored and just get used to it at some point.

Most of the times, I have a purpose for reading a book. When I started to manage people, I learned a lot of strategies and techniques from books written by John Maxwell. When I wrote my first book, I had Brian Tracy’s guidance through his books and programs. Books are like learning from the experience of other people who have already done the things you want to accomplish. Instead of figuring it out by yourself, you’ll save a lot of failure and time by using the guidelines from authors/ experts in that field.

Now, I’m focusing on how to improve my life. Is it easy? No. Why am I doing it? I’m not sure. I’m a bookish nerd type of person who instead spends my free time alone talking to no one or reading a book because that’s how I like to spend the rest of my life. Instead of waiting for life’s problems, I’m looking for solutions in advance for issues that are to come by reading a book. I’m just justifying my own selfish decisions.

Reading feels like digging for treasures of ideas and hacks of life. Keep reading with the purpose of learning something.

Happy weekend. Stay safe.

Written by: Wenzel Andaya