Fiesta Filipinas by Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Fiesta Filipinas is an online celebration to promote culture, and tradition of the Philippines to worldwide audience. When we can travel again soon, we want to invite people to experience food, nature, beaches, and other fun adventures available only in the Philippines. This event is organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The virtual celebration (Online Fiesta!) is truly one unique experience because they sent out packages to people all over the world so that participants of the online event can taste, touch, hear, smell and enjoy the unique culture of the Philippines. This is one strategic way to create excitement and really look forward to the time when we can travel again. But for the meantime, the combination of virtual tour, Fiesta Filipinas Kit, and auditory experience were really engaging and made me feel like I was there.

To watch the Youtube Live Event Click Here: Fiesta Filipinas: Lami-Lamihan Festival – YouTube

I would like to thank the Embassy of the Philippines in Japan and Association of Filipino Students in Japan for sending me the Fiesta Filipinas Kit and for letting me experience some goodies from home.

Fiesta Filipinas Kit

Making Embroidered Card

Written by: Wenzel Andaya

Published by

Geda Industries

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