Guide in Making a Report for Overthinker

  • Step 1. State the title or purpose of the report.
  • Step 2. Make an outline or structure of the report contents.
  • Step 3. Focus on writing one part of the outline. Focus on just one part where you would like to start. It’s logical to start with the first part, but it depends on how complicated it can be. But again, focus on writing that one part. Start writing the first sentence. Don’t focus on the entire report. DON’T DO IT. Just focus on this little tiny part of the report. Then, step by step, little by little, move. Move! Don’t overthink. Write. Write something. Type something, write even if it’s not good, even if it doesn’t make sense. Write and revise later. Start now—close this browser. Go. Bye!

Written by: Wenzel Andaya

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