Goshikizakura Bridge, Arakawa River, Adachi City, Tokyo

We aim to share the activities, events, lessons, and experiences we had as we build our professional skills in civil engineering. There are notes and posts about general education and life as a student and young adult. Mainly, we also discuss the process and other stuff we do (like side projects and hobbies) to maintain balance in life and still have fun along the years of the process. The target audience ranges from high school students looking for guidance in their academic life to young adults starting their career paths. We hope these blog notes will be helpful for Filipino students and young adults.


Dare to Dream at Panda Express

The Fall semester started last week. We are both occupied with our own research. Sometimes, we break the home eating routine and dine out instead. A different environment helped us to see a different perspective. While we’re walking to Minami-Machida Grandberry Park, Jomar talked about the good points of the movie he recently watched (The…


Think on Paper

Writing is an essential skill for any work. From expressing thoughts to organizing ideas, writing has a multitude of applications. Essentially, the process of writing down your thoughts can be beneficial in many situations.…

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Goshikizakura Bridge, Arakawa River, Adachi City, Tokyo
Bridge along Kohokubashi St., Arakawa River, Adachi City, Tokyo